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A guide to using XSEDE resources for mpi/gpu applications

XSEDE, formerly Teragrid, is a collection of various cluster computing resources. To get access through Swarthmore as a student or faculty member, please contact Andrew Ruether. I am primarily interested in MPI and GPU applications, and this guide serves as a supplement to online user guides for the systems longhorn and stampede at TACC, and keeneland at Georgia Tech.

Tutorial code

To get access to my tutorial code, you currently need a Swarthmore CS account. If you have one, you can run

git clone git://

I'm using cmake for the build system. To make an out of source build, follow the steps below

cd xsede-demos
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j8

For future builds, you only need to run make in the build directory. To make a clean source directory, you can simply delete the entire build directory. It only contains automatically generated files.

From here, most of the tutorial focuses on how to run jobs on a specific system.