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Pennsylvania distributes a variety of data through PASDA, though the interface is sometimes clunky.

Lidar tiles are available in 10,000ft x 10,000ft tiles through PASDA LAS FTP. PASDA labels tiles by using the state plane coordinates of the upper left corner of the tile. PA uses two state plane coordinate systems PA-North and PA-South. Counties completely below Interstate 80 use PA-South, while counties above or partially intersecting I-80 use PA-North. The Imagery Navigator allows users to view basic PA map properties including orthophoto, roads, county boundaries, and tile index. Select PAMAP from the Display Tile Index dropdown box in the upper right corner. PA-North is shown as red boxes, while PA-South is shown in blue. Zooming in sufficiently far will cause the tile label to display in the center of the tile. For example, most of Swarthmore's campus is in tile 22002640PAS indicating that the upper left corner has a Northing of 220000ft and a Easting of 2640000ft (as measured in PA state plane south coordinates).

The LAS file are organized on the FTP server by<ZONE>/<YEAR>/<N>0000000, where ZONE is either North or South, Year is 2006, 2007, or 2008, and N is in the range 1-6. Delco files seem to mostly be available in the 2008 folder.

Using the tile overlay from the Imagery Navigator, download the corresponding zip files from the FTP site for Delco. We may want to find a way to script this for other counties. If certain tiles are missing, we should note them here.

moving files to savory

For long term storage, we should store .las files on savory. Because the /terrain folder is local to savory, you can either ssh to savory and mv from /scratch or scp directly to savory

scp *.zip savory:/terrain/pasda_lidar

Once on savory, unzip the files

for i in *.zip; do unzip $i; done

you can remove the zip files after unzipping

\rm *.zip

Converting Data formats

PA County Data

ogr2ogr PaCountiesStp.shp PaCounty2013_02.shp -s_srs EPSG:4759 -t_srs EPSG:32029