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About Git

git is a version control tool for managing edits to source code or other text files. It also allows you to collaboratively work on code with one or more partners. Git is a very powerful version control package with many features. We will highlight some of the basic uses here. Refer to the online git book for a thorough introduction.

Initial Configuration

Prior to using git for the first time, run

git config --global ""
git config --global  "Your Name"

replace the email and name strings with your email address and name. If you have never used git before, the very first git commit will fail and tell you to run the commands above.

If you want colors in your git output (diff, status, branch, etc.), first check your ~/.profile and verify that your LESS flags enable colors (the -r option).

#The -r is for ANSI colors in less -eM is swat CS default

If your LESS flags are set, enable colors in git using

git config --global color.ui auto

and enjoy colorful git.

Next Steps

Creating Repositories

Using Git

Git Troubleshooting

Git Tricks

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